Nandini Sikand, Victoria Marshall, in Henry Hudsons Forgotten Maps, Governors Island, 2009. Dir. May Joseph.

Martin Gak in Henry Hudsons Forgotten Maps. Governors Island, 2009.

Victoria Marshall and Jose De Jesus in Harmattan performance Living Lines, Desalvio Park, Soho, 2009.

James Cascaito as Dante

In Henry Hudsons Forgotten Maps. Dir. May Joseph. Figment Festival. Governors Island, 2009.

Dreamscapes. Pier 64, Manhattan, 2010.


Performers: Khadeejah Gray, Sofia Varino, James Cascaito, Melissa Elledge, Dil Hoda, Margaret Dessau. Dir. May Joseph. Photos Joshua Kristal.

At Diaz Beach, retracing a journey of slavery and forgetting…


Cabo de Tormentoso. at Cape of Good Hope. Dir. May Joseph. Performers Shereen Kimmie, Saligha Gool. Wrenching History Back from the Abyss

Future of Water

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Mortal discourses with angry God of the Sea

“MAR PORTUGUES” Directed by May Joseph, Harmattan Theater. Lisbon, Portugal, 2012.

“When The Sea Rises” Directed by May Joseph, Harmattan Theater. Cochin, India, 2011

“When the Sea Rises” was a collaboration between Harmattan Theater, martial arts performers and trance performers from Kerala, South India. I worked with a group of Kalaripayatti performers I used to train with, and collaborated with three Theyyem performers
to create what I saw as a dream sequence purging the now forgotten medieval history of the Fort Cochin seawall that winds its way down the bay into the open sea. The wonderfully gifted Muthu Muzhi and the divine performers Midhilesh, Similesh, Akhilesh, and Manish transformed this ancient sea wall into a powerful encounter between humans and the sea.

Far Rockaway, Harmattan Theater

Far Rockaway, Harmattan Theater

Francis Bradley, Lisabeth During and Nandini Sikand perform at Tribute Park, Far Rockaway, 2013, on Hurricane Sandy anniversary.